All Inclusive Holidays – What Does All Inclusive Mean, What Do You Get?

AAll Inclusive Holidays Mistakesre All Inclusive Holidays A Bargain?

All inclusive holidays are a great way to control the overall cost of a family holiday abroad. For one payment you get just about everything included depending on which holiday firm you book with. Generally everyone’s idea of an all inclusive holiday includes all your drinks, food and snacks as well as evening entertainment in the hotel. Some holiday firms also offer hotels that include some activities in the cost so the only spending money you will need is for holiday souvenirs or any excursions you may take. All inclusive holidays are so popular with UK holidaymakers that one mainstream holiday tour operator now only offers holidays on an all inclusive basis.

Warning not all inclusive holidays are the same.

Some holiday firms offer all inclusive holidays that are not quite all inclusive in the way that they think! One holiday companies idea of an all inclusive might not be the same as another or yours! Some holiday firms offer all inclusive holidays where the drinks and food are included in the cost of the holiday but only a certain times of the day. There may be other restrictions so it is important that you check the holiday description with the company you are going to book with. Not on the hotels official web site or on another holiday firms web site as what they offer will not apply to you if you book with someone else. Never assume that you will be getting something just because it say all inclusive as restricting what you get makes unscrupulous travel firms look like they are offering a cheaper holiday deal when they are not offering you the same holiday.

Cheap All Inclusive holidays

That word cheap is a very popular search term on the Internet when it comes to holidays. We all like a bargain but sometimes getting something really cheap holiday can end up being more expensive. Imagine getting a really cheap deal to an all inclusive hotel and you get there and the food is disgusting! You would then have to pay for food in local restaurants or in another hotel. You need to remember that quality food and accommodation standards can’t be provided cheaply. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up a bargain as there is still a good chance you can get a good quality all inclusive holiday cheaper than others will pay. Some of the larger holiday firms sign contracts with holiday firms for every room in the hotel for a number of years. This way the hotel is guaranteed to receive payment throughout the term of the contract. The holiday firm gets guaranteed hotel rooms to sell and also a greater say in the quality of food and entertainment. If a particular date is not selling well then the holiday firm will reduce the cost of the holiday price to help fill the accommodation. Remember they have guaranteed to pay the hotel even if the room is empty! These holiday firms will rather get something than let the room go completely empty. It’s a bit like supermarkets having a special section for food that is about to go out of date. It is better to get something than put the food in the bin! The say principle applies but only to certain accommodation and with some holiday firms.

All Inclusive Holidays Are Different

As we have mentioned previously all inclusive can vary but in general an all inclusive holidays should offer you drinks, meals and some entertainment. Some hotels offer activities in the hotel cost as well and may charge for some others. Again it is a case of checking the description of the hotel before you book. When it comes to alcoholic drinks generally you will get a local version and not a brand make. Soft drinks will not be in the form of cans or bottles but in a glass filled up at the bar. There is a few companies offering different levels of all inclusive packages. The first of these offers an option where you can select to have all inclusive 24 hours a day! So if you have a craving for a late night snack or drink you can. However the possible increase in cost of this may outweigh the benefits unless you like to eat regularly and drink during the night. Another all inclusive option we have come accross includes branded drinks as well and some also include an a la carte option. All these increases in benefits come hand in hand with extra costs. It’s your holiday so if you feel you need to have this then why not if there was not demand for it then the holiday firms would not offer it.